Quinta do Martelo




Quinta do Martelo – “Hammer Farm”, a name deriving from  an 18th century door knocker that still embellishes its main gate is an estate located 4 kms away from the UNESCO recognised world heritage city of Angra do Heroísmo.

Classified as touristic utility by the Regional Government because it preserves the best of our tradition since the first settlers arrived.

It is a living and active eco-museum.

Biological products, cooking tradition, almost extinct handy crafts, rural ambience, we preserve endemic and natural plants and animals.

In “Quinta do Martelo”, our visitors are given the true ambiance of what a traditional Terceira’s rural house is like.

In these lodgings we intend to accurately set a genuine surrounding, starting with the building’s construction and furniture which are made out of the most genuine and excellent materials. All of this is the result of years of research on the original architectural designs, decoration and equipments used since the settlement years. However, we have not forgotten modern refinements in lodging comfort.

There is also an opportunity for our visitors to see rural farm work as well as existing traditional crafts and arts.

Here, it’s possible to observe and taste the evolution of the Azorean gastronomy, culture throughout the centuries. All products produced in “Quinta do Martelo” are biologically grown and they are used on the dishes presented in the Restaurant “A Venda do Ti Manel da Quinta”.