Jun / 21

Quinta do Martelo

Quinta do Martelo is a Farm located 3 miles away from the UNESCO recognized world heritage city of Angra do Heroísmo. This farm’s activity reached its zenith when the orange fruit trade in the Azores was a very prosperous activity. It was here that these citrines were produced, packed and exported to Europe.
Later on, after the decline of that economic period in the Azores , wine presses were installed in the Farm for the wine and loquat brandy production, a type of fruit that nowadays still abounds in the 56 square miles that makes up the estate, alongside with many orange trees and other types of fruit trees.
Through an extensive work of investigation we were able to reconstruct and maintain certain regional aspects such as the old workshops, traditional dying out crafts and houses dating back to the beginning of the Azores settlement. We were also able to recover and adapt certain Farm areas to biological agriculture, and preserve autochthonous species of domestic animals.
Here, we intend to recreate a genuine Terceira ‘s rural ambiance, starting with the buildings and ornaments, on to the gastronomy and ending with the clothing, tradition and festivities. We offer our visitors the true feeling of what life was like five centuries ago in a traditional rural farm.

Spoken languages: portuguese and english