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Quinta do Martelo

The name Quinta do Martelo comes from a knocker from the 18th century that still adorns the main gate of the farm.

This property, located five kilometers from the city classified as World Heritage by Unesco - Angra do Heroísmo, experienced its peak during the orange cycle, one of the important economic cycles in the Azores economy, after the pastel, the cereals, until today called cow cycle.

Later, the farm dedicated itself to the production of wine and loquat brandy, a fruit that can still be found in the farm, alongside many orange trees and other fruit trees, simultaneously with horticultural crops that are also used on the day a day at the traditional restaurant «A Venda do Ti Manel da Quinta».

Through extensive research work, we were able to reconstruct and maintain certain regional aspects, such as the old workshops, the traditional dyeing works and the houses that date from the beginning of the colonization of the Azores. We have also managed to recover and adapt certain agricultural areas to organic farming and to preserve indigenous species of domestic animals.
Here, we recreate a genuine rural environment in Terceira, starting with buildings and ornaments, up to gastronomy and ending with clothes, tradition and festivities. We offer our visitors the true feeling of what life was like five centuries ago on a traditional rural farm.

The evolution of rural houses on Terceira Island begins with the building of three rooms, consisting of kitchen, middle of the house and bedroom. With the growth of families, new needs arose, which led the middle of the house to take on various uses, such as storage and work, also a place for young children to sleep, having, over time, become insufficient. The use of the attic grew. With a construction to extend the roof, using the unevenness and making the roof grow, a space is gained where, stolen from the yard and joining walls, four new rooms are created, maintaining the multipurpose kitchen.

The history of the Azores, linked to gastronomy, is faithfully represented in the Quinta do Martelo restaurant. Right from the start, in the faithful setting of the facilities and its progressive evolution, from the grocery store with snacks to the space reserved for full meals. The traditional food base of the rural people included bread and subsistence agriculture.

However, on feast days, when there was an effort to present improved dishes to family members and guests, products suitable for these occasions were used, based on the creation of the pig, cow or chicken, as absolutely seasonal pyramids to please the children. visits.

Enjoy the most genuine in the Azores - AZORES.GENUINE

Quinta do Martelo reproduces a genuine Azorean rural setting, starting with the buildings, food, environment and ways of life.

At Quinta do Martelo, you will find the best cuisine on this island, which was awarded 1st place in the contest "Gastronomy - National Heritage". Everything here is produced biologically and consumed in our restaurant Ti Manel da Quinta.


Ecological and sustainable activities


Quinta do Martelo focuses on living in balance with nature and all its activities are developed based on this principle.

Ecological and sustainable activities