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Quinta do Martelo - Casa do Povoador

Given that this is a reconstruction of a house of the first settlers, it is equipped with a set of pieces of use and decorative according to the period that is interesting to note.

So we call your attention to:
In the primitive house the four corners of the house; in the cooking of the place of the very primitive fire still without oven and the stone that even served to make bread, the small clothes line for emergencies and the remains of the brazier that had several uses; eating corner where the primitive table and benches made of cedarwood “juniprus brevifolia” with primitive artisanal construction techniques; sleeping corner with the primitive bed in improvised materials of the time, with cloths made from leftover linen and covered with hand-made wool; corner to keep with the wooden box that served to store everything, even cereals, noting also the water stand and the salt pans.
We can also see some pieces of use of the time such as: the oil lamp, the fishing equipment, the various tools for day-to-day life, the hand mill, the wick of light, the few kitchen utensils and other details .
The access door to the rest of the house is, in fact, a structure used as a bed base for the children and which was leaning against a wall due to the lack of space.
Entering the new area, it is worth noting the bedroom furniture entirely built in endemic woods with traditional design and technique from Terceira Island.
For comfort and community at that time, there were wool blankets made by hand loom and all other accessories are also traditional. Even for the soul's comfort there is a rustic crucifix.
All other kitchen, bathroom and other accessories necessary for today's comfort are admittedly modern.

Room furnishing & Specifications: 

Bathrobe, slippers, towel and shampoo
Air Conditioner
Free Wi-Fi
Mini bar
TV 75"
Work desk