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Quinta do Martelo - Casa dos Velhotes

Given that this is a reconstruction of a house from the 16th century that we call “Casa dos Velhotes” by tradition it is equipped with a set of pieces that is interesting to note. So we call your attention to:
Upon entering the door, you can immediately notice a primitive partition, made of cane that gives some privacy to the sleeping area equipped with a bed from the period, which allows a storage area underneath and objects of use related to the period.
In the room where you enter, which is, in fact, a kitchen, you can see the chimney with an oven and stove still primitive and with a precursor stone plate for iron plates.
In this house, and comparatively to the houses of the first settlers, one can already notice some concern with the furniture and equipment, with traces of what would later be considered furniture.
We can draw attention to some details such as the artefacts used in the past to cook, eat, store, do housework, hunting for fishing and rural work.
For comfort and convenience, the accessories are traditional: at the time blankets were produced, on a manual loom, from linen and wool from the sheep that were raised there. Even for the soul's comfort there is a handmade crucifix.
All other kitchen, bathroom and other accessories necessary for today's comfort are admittedly modern.
The breakfast included in the prices we practice has some special features.
Our customers are served a small traditional meal as our ancestors used at the beginning of the morning consisting of all the usual products in a continental breakfast but with genres of biological origin mostly produced at the Quinta and enriched with a set of offerings such as : bee honey (from Quinta), butter and various cheeses of the most significant in the Region from suppliers recognized and treated with “cure” in the Quinta by ancient methods, sweets and jams from our production, various types of traditional bread, seasonal fruits and the products that are currently considered necessary for a healthy first meal of the day, such as fiber, yogurt, or another product that the customer shows a desire for.

Room furnishing & Specifications: 

Bathrobe, slippers, towel and shampoo
Air Conditioner
Free Wi-Fi
Mini bar
TV 75"