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Quinta do Martelo - Quarto duplo/twin

This is one of the examples that was the evolution of our rural houses on Terceira Island. It starts with a three-room house consisting of a kitchen, the middle of the house and a bedroom.

From this family, new needs arose with the increase of the household, which led the middle of the house to take on various uses such as storage and work, also a sleeping place for young children and becoming, over time, insufficient. The use of the attic grew.

With a construction to extend the roof using the unevenness and making the roof grow, a space is gained where, stealing from the yard and joining walls, four new rooms are created, maintaining the multipurpose kitchen.

Room furnishing & Specifications: 

Bathrobe, slippers, towel and shampoo
Air Conditioner
Free Wi-Fi
TV 55"